This god Delusion, Part I

That I am not a fan of the human species comes as no surprise.

Recently, however, I’ve been watching my thoughts think, and been trying to figure out what is it exactly that stops me from joining the bandwagon of being human. Amongst many things that came up, there was one that my brain automatically highlighted: this desire to be god-like.

One would think that after wars, death, starvation, poverty (etc), the human species would be humbled. Still, it seems that such “casualties” don’t stay in the way of “progress”.

Mercantilistic minds seem to govern our daily experiences. Some sort of superiority complex that I fail to grasp: testing lab rats for primarily human benefits, for testing on humans would be a violation of multiple universal rights.

What of other creatures? Oh but such thoughts don’t cross my mind. I, human, strive for survival. My survival. For the very epitome of progress, of evolution, can only be translated in the human species. Consciousness, human consciousness, because non-human consciousness is looked upon with too much scepticism. Who, other than humans, would enjoy the fruits of having a conscious?

Rationality, for such logic drives the universe. The perfect catalyst for power. Power, for we were born to be in charge of all nature’s creatures.

All academia comes in songs of conquest. All studies concerned with what’s around us, and how can we best manipulate it?

Omniscience, this unexplainable desire to know everything, and to acquire knowledge and shatter ignorance. For knowledge is a weapon, and only wisdom is capable of nullifying its’ cancerous bullets.

But maybe I’ve become too pessimistic. Too nihilistic for a young human such as myself. Human beings are good. Of course we are good. We help the blind lady cross the streets. Sometimes.

And because we are so good, it would be a terrible loss for us to die. For this, by 2045, we shall be able to upload our consciousness onto avatars. Yes, it is actually a thing.

For our presence in the universe is a need, a must(?).

We shall forever live, we shall, like gods, conquer death, and, finally, rule over everything.


1. The 2045 Project, headed by Russia, with the help of neuroscience, hopes to be able to further human existence by operating on human consciousness.



The Will to Exist


Death is a song to which my ears have become accustomed. Scattered bodies and wondering souls have integrated themselves in the every day’s landscape of life.

People giving up on life and human beings being sentenced to death before they are born.

And yet, I am still taken by surprise when I hear about the deaths in Iraq, or read about the massacre in some starving African country.

Death is imminent. And it is this precise imminence that gets me thinking about existence.

In order to die, one must live. Death comes to take away life. This life we have, how have we acquired it?

God breathed the breath of life into man’s nostrils, and it still seems that if it wasn’t for God, or for the fact that breathing is a primarily involuntary action, we wouldn’t taste what being alive is.

So if breathing is involuntary, what role do we play in existing? I cannot recall asking to be born, or pushing myself out of my mother’s womb. I was simply… born. And in life’s arms I remain.

Sort of like a deposit of trust, of faith, from God, from the universe, whatever it may be. We are suddenly made alive. Without a consultation a priori, we are entrusted to live the lives we are given.

The lack of will can be compensated, as history has shown. Once cannot choose to be born, but one can surely decide to die. Even though death is inevitable, we hold the illusionary choice to accelerate the process.

Dying in itself isn’t the solution to the equation. The problem with existing is that it never ends. Because there was never a start. Something has always existed. And so death is merely the end of life as we know it, but our corpses, decomposed, will not evaporate into nothingness. They will simply transform themselves, thus, prolonging their existence.

Does this mean that I have no choice when it comes to my own existence? Is life simply imposed on me?

I was thrown into this game of life. No one agrees on the rules, so I cheat. The game is over for most, sooner than later, but for some… game over is not the end. It’s only a secret gate way, to the next level.

Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve.
– Erich Fromm×522.jpg?a13b35