Them Humans


Now, ’twas but an ordinary inner dialogue that brought with it the epiphany that I do not see myself as a human being.

Not that I am not human, I just can’t seem to admit it.

Perhaps because of the misanthropic days that precede me? Or because, though I love humanity, I can’t seem to understand humans.

The other day I heard something that almost made me cry (of empathy), “I like people but I don’t like people at the same time.”

I am sure that I have been cured of misanthropy, however, that general distrust for the human species still remains. I want to believe that we are good, that we know right from wrong, but at the same time, I don’t see the opportunity to prove humanity’s goodness.

All that exists is a means to regulate our behaviour, the state, the Law, all attempting to minimize damage, to maintain “order”, and, ultimately, to standardize human existence.

Yes, I am one who would love to witness an hour of full blown chaos, to testify to all those terrible scenarios the word “chaos” connotes, and to see if, indeed, Hobbes was right in his ‘state of nature’ theories.

Would we go crazy and kill each other? Is there something, anything remotely indicative of possible absolutism in this universe? Anything that somehow governs our decisions? Now that I’d like to see.

I almost wish we could all study animals. In fact, yes(!), in efforts to ditch this increasingly anthropocentric world, perhaps it would prove rather healthy to remember that we, humans, are of the animal kingdom, and, thus, not above anything.

Seems to me that human beings have forever colonized the center stage of history, and that all the universe is but our rehearsing room. What happened to the ideals that  once governed people, what happened to the never-ending love letters between man and nature?

We preach democracy but dictate death to the earth in which we inhabit; we agree to pretend on universal laws and rights, but end up restraining our freedoms in this beautiful cloud of logic, this nicely shaped pot of order. What is order, if but a disguised version of chaos?


I know not. I know nothing, in fact.



My Conscience Speaks too Loud

Again I consciously decided to dedicate two to three hours of my existence to being useless, and as always, I enjoyed myself thoroughly, but what brings me here is something else.

“Her” is the title of perhaps, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest pieces of artwork I’ve had the priviledge to comtemplate in motion. A brilliant concept, loud but silent enough for me to absorb its message and entertaining enough to play on the movie screens without being passed as “boring” or “nerdy”.

The idea of introducing artificial intellience in human life, and in so doing, shrinking human interaction to texts and commands, these are things that are tossed and thrown throughout the film.

The main character falls in love with this “woman”, this voice, this programmed system that is wired to absorb the character’s characteristics, wants, fears… at some point, this “woman” sighed, and the character reminded “her” that she needn’t sigh, as she wasn’t human, and sighing is something human beings do. [insert astonished emoticon here]

The operating system began to feel, to feel her feelings and to embrace being annoyed. To wish “it” had a body, which, to me, begged the question, how important is having a body? A physical realm in which we can manifest ourselves. Were we to be nothing but voices, consciences afloat in a universe of thoughts, would we be fulfilled? Would we even know better?

Still, despite the film, the nice-looking guy, the popcorn, a thought stuck with me: my conscience, does it speak? Were it to speak, literally, to me, how would I feel about it? Would it have a male voice? Would my conscience be a friend? Or na enemy, always challenging my actions?

There is a lot more I could write on this topic, but my conscience is reluctant. It keeps banging against my frontal lobes, it keeps telling me to concentrate on my assignment instead, and yet, here I am, marvelling at the thoughts that are being thought by my brain. (and trying to, as quickly and as desperately as I can, to hammer them in words so as to update this blog)

And with this I’m gone.