I think it’s pretty cool I get to call myself an “author”.

There’s not much to know, and even if there was, my words would fall short, so I’ll quote my favourite poet instead:

If I exist and I know it, it’s a mistake. – Fernando Pessoa


4 thoughts on “AUTHOR

  1. Thanks for the like, and good luck with everything, including your blog. It must be nice to only be 18, though I somehow prefer my own version, of being 18 in 1970.
    As for your animal, it could go like this;
    ‘my favourite animals are sheep’ or
    ‘my favourite animal is a sheep’ (this would imply a particular sheep) or
    ‘sheep are my favourite animals’.
    It doesn’t matter so much, as I knew exactly what you meant.
    Regards from Norfolk, UK, Pete.

    1. You people are demanding!
      I like them because all they do is eat, breathe and follow their leader.
      Something I’d willingly do – if only I had a minimally good leader to follow.

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