stream of thought

not all mondays suck, i thought, but oh, how wrong i found myself to be.

the alarm was late, in fact, it silenced itself after 10 minutes, it claimed, but i never heard anything! all i heard was how much i dreaded waking up, not that my dream was nice but waking up did not, in any possible parallel universe, seem like a good or minimally sound idea, considering it is also the first official day of holidays.

then i remembered i am human and have so many things to do in 24 hours including breathing which, albeit voluntary, needs to be done how weird is it to think that we need to inhale unseen particles so as to keep ourselves from melting away from existence. odd.

so i exited the house after everything i have been taught to do (shower, brush teeth). i did question these teachings but then again such should not be publicized as getting out of the house without showering or brushing one’s teeth is so politically incorrect. also i had a thought this morning while squeezing the toothpaste into the tool we humans brush our teeth with: animals don’t brush their teeth.

so then i finally went out of the house and checked my account and oh the despair that fell upon me on reading that the atm was, in fact, broken, and so i couldn’t print my receipt but ok fine.

i needed to take some pictures because i’m all grown up and needed to care care of some bureaucratic things when i realize that the store is closed down and moving online and i thought, really now? i really need you to be tangible just today and you tell me you’re moving online? gosh.

defeated, i went back to the flat only to find the polluted oxygen of the corridor raping my sanctuary because yes: the door was wide open and there was a lady with funny sneakers who gave me a funny look, she was the inspector.

then i just curled myself up on my bed feeling violated because how could she just enter my holy temple like that and give me a look what has the world come to.

i’ve interacted with a total of three people thus far and i’m scared i’ll see people i know because then i’ll have to greet them and i feel misanthropy rising up in me what shall i do.




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