Feels good to be Human

I’ve always entertained this thought, that other living creatures have it better than us. And easier, too.

Other creatures suffer from what I define as ‘other happiness syndrome’. (Yes, I did just make that up)

I, human, contemplate the existence of the stars in their apparent non-existence, the fact that despite having faced “death”, they still remain pretty much alive in my perception. What about birds, such creatures that can easily migrate from one place to another, without being constrained by the bureaucracy of earthly stamps of ins and outs?

Us, humans, need a reason preceding our actions – or at least ought to consider them. We ought to be rational, for we possess a mind. (or does it possess us?)

We have a conscience, which, though displaying the appearance of a gift, comes as a burden for with it, notions of morals and doing what is “good” haunt us even when we sleep.

And emotions, oh! Emotions! How to decode them? Or what’s worse: feel them.

Watching Star Trek, I could not help but fall in love with Spock’s character. The fact that he’s only half-human seems, at first, an advantage, as he has the ability to remain logical at all times, and in so doing, avoiding many conflicts. Just when my mind was warming up to this thought, what is that I see? Tears! Mr. Spock, a human, indeed. Spock, for the first time, allows himself to feel.

And that meant something to me.

Though I, sometimes, out of my own naivety, strive to remain logical, I come to realize that feeling is something I would not trade with other creatures. In fact, ‘other happiness syndrome’ becomes an irrelevant concern, for the feeling one gets in burning one’s finger is a sign of the little human we all have in us.

The ability to listen to one’s “gut feeling” and so beautiful on its own, that I cannot, for one second, wish I were something but human.

I remember a quote by my favourite poet, Fernando Pessoa, that went something like this:

“If I’m human, knowing it is a mistake.”

I guess it is hard to exist while questioning your existence, and us, humans, unfortunately are destined for such existential crisis sometime in our lives. Still, through my daily inner dilemmas, I raise my hands in gratitude for I exist, and I know it.

Maybe, just maybe, being human is not that bad.



Whaddya think?

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