A Lover of Humanity


A lover of humanity is what I have found myself to be. At the sight of such confession, fellow human beings show concern and remind me of what I cannot see, for love is blind.

Indeed it is with infamy that the word “human” has been clothed with, but the word “humane” brings with it all the hope I need. Though I aspire to be a thinker and act like one, I am an idealist at heart.

Being an idealist is no easy task. In a world of nihilism, the blessing of optimism is a curse.

We are used to waking up to the sun and the daily tragedy. A death, a tornado, a tsunami, all of which are soon to surpass the weather in smalltalk interactions. When activists decide to take a rest, the world’s antennas tune into good ol’ anthropocentrism.

Thankfully, love is God’s native language, and in His words love manifests itself.

Like the lotus flower, we must emerge from the mud in which we seem to enjoy swimming, swamped with yesterday’s news about how mankind ruined the planet.

Yesterday has left us behind, today comes without warning and the train for tomorrow leaves right now. Tomorrow is a destination where human beings will be able to rescue the hope and simplicity of humanity’s potential.

Still, the question of the day remains: why? why love human beings when they don’t deserve to be loved?

Deserve? Now the love I manifest does not translate itself into ticks in boxes. The love I manifest is the result of the rather sudden epiphany that today’s oxygen I inhale is yesterday’s carbon dioxide someone exhaled, possibly on the other side of the world.

It’s not about me being part of humanity, but humanity being a part of me.

(And I’m so selfish and self-interested that I love myself. Consequently I must love humanity)



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