Imprisoned Imagination

Imagination-Wallpaper-imagination-14748355-1600-1200Imagining infinity has never been an easy task. And although I have, in the plenitude of my existence, tried to see what my eyes cannot, I’m starting to believe my imagination can’t fly that high, after all.

Such apparent cynicism must not be attacked with judgement. It all started when I was asked to imagine “Nothing”.

Should be easy to imagine such thing. Nothing. Simply imagine nothing. Well, if you are cleverer than me – and it doesn’t take much – you have probably realized that in imagining nothing, you imagined something. That’s right, even imagining a black void of “nothingness” is a picture, a vision we attach to the concept. Quite paradoxical.

Then I remembered, I enjoy music. And since I don’t carry earphones around all day, I tend to “imagine” songs most of the time. One of these days I took a careful listen to my imagination, and realized that the voice of Whitney Houston wasn’t really hers, but mine. Not in my head, at least. There are certain songs that I cannot imagine, because the singers sing too high. Certain parts of the songs I skip, because I can’t replicate the sounds of the instruments. I realized that, the whole time, it was only my voice adapting to whatever I was attempting to imagine.

Of course, like anything else in this life I live, this got me questioning: How far can my imagination take me?It surely shows me more than what my sight allows, but do I get to see more of what’s outside, or, rather, what I have already seen?

Imagining infinity may be hard, because I simply have not yet experienced it. Maybe I experience it every day, but there is no infinity tag on life’s silly happenings to comfort me. Imagining a new colour… phew, where would I begin?

How to escape this fate? Well, by digging.

Imagination does indeed take us beyond ourselves, but perhaps in order to go beyond myself, it takes a deeper look at myself. I may not be able to imagine the unknown, but I am surely able to explore the known, by twisting and turning it around and creating different realities.

So maybe my imagination can’t fly too high. But it can certainly go deep.

(Although I still can’t seem to imagine that bass toned voice. Well, existence seems like a good consolation price.)



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