Smells like keen spirit


There I was, walking somewhere, when I happened to look down to be confronted with the image of a dead bird, blood dry, flies feasting, and a thought that came to mind, “I can’t knit!”

Still, I’m unsure what’s more important here: The fact that a bird was dead; or the fact that I can’t knit!

Such a human, I am. And on being human, I remember sitting in grade one learning all the letters of the alphabet. Also, sitting in grade 10 learning how to classify animals according to their kingdoms. And now, learning to label people as Christian, Atheist, Nihilist, Insane, etc.

Seems to me that our relationship with words is quite an intricate one. We have dictionaries, which keep on being updated! Words that keep on being formed… all in genuine attempts to verbalize things, feelings, images.

Still, words aren’t all. We so often talk without saying nothing at all. But we smell, we hear, we taste. And I wonder, what happens to those senses?

Instead of saying, “I feel relaxed”, could I perhaps offer a “Smells like the sound of soil after some heavy rain” as a response to the increasingly meaningless “How are you?”s of our daily lives?

Or if someone asks me about my favourite voice in the world, can I justify my choice by stating that “his voice tastes like the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans; each word he speaks is an explosion of colours in my mouth”?

Sometimes, most times, actually, all times, I look at my favourite works of art and wish I could taste their texture. I read my favourite verses and wish I could touch them. I pick up the piece of paper, previously perforated by my pencil, and, as I look at my sketch, I wish I could hear it. What sound would my drawings make?

I feel that things (for lack of a better word) have such a greater value than what words are able to translate. Sure, it’s an honest attempt. But verbalizing things condenses their meaning.

I wonder if it’s because we have learnt to condense our minds?

Or perhaps there are not enough words to describe every single thing this life has to offer us.

This post doesn’t make much sense. Well, I’ve embraced nonsense. And, believe you me, it took me long to realize how soon I had embraced it.


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