Nothing New Under the Sun



I confess that I’m one who throws this saying around at every opportunity I get. At the concerned looks I get, perplexed is where I find myself: Am I the only one that sees beauty in this statement?

One can easily highlight the negative connotations this expression brings.And I can even understand them. Heck, “nothing new under the sun”, how boring! How horribly repetitive! Monotony isn’t the world’s most attractive concept.

And yet, somehow, I’ve learnt to find beauty in the raindrop that kisses the tip of my nose every January. (southern hemisphere problems…) The Sun rises every single day, and yet, I still find it magical. In fact, it is precisely because these things happen everyday that I find myself curious about them.

It was because the moon kept on “following” me that I finally popped the question in my science class. It is because I cry everytime I watch “The Lion King” that I am reminded of my human condition.

Every single day someone is born. Everyday is the best day of someone’s life. Everyday marks the beginning and the end of a cycle. And the next day, the same happens.

So how am I, a human being who lusts for beauty, supposed to grasp all the magic this world has to offer in mere 24 hours? Hence I am so glad that I get the chance to relive this adventure of living over and over again. The universe makes sure that I don’t miss a thing: an ant carrying a tiny piece of bread, or the lovely music, despite the crooked chords, of a man and his old guitar.

It’s a busy world, and our insatiable thirst for “newness” becomes rather futile in my eyes, since the new is doomed to become the old. Novelty isn’t what will make my life interesting, but rather, finding interest in what surrounds me is what continues to enrich me.



Whaddya think?

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