Aren’t you so glad Pandora opened the box?

pandora's box


Poor Pandora, opened the box and released all sorts of evils on earth. Big deal. I would have done the same.

After all, curiosity was, too, a gift from the gods. Or was it?

At first I wasn’t too keen on being born, I found myself quite comfortable in the warmth of my mother’s womb. Still, 5 days after the scheduled date, the universe decided it was time for me to enter this chaotic world.

Life was keen on my arrival: it gave me big, bold eyes so that I wouldn’t miss a thing. And, finally, it endowed me with what can be seen as both a gift and a curse: Curiosity.

Curiosity was my first friend: it was there when I broke the cassette-player trying to figure out what was inside it; it was there when I got a hiding asking questions I shouldn’t have; or when I fell and scratched my knee because I had decided to go for a bike tour in areas beyond the perimeter of the small garden.

Curiosity was and will always be my first love. But of course, love is blind. And not only does this love affect my sight, it also affects my ability to reason. Thus, it is no surprise that, sometimes, my curiosity oversteps its limits.

Having to deal with the consequences thereafter is where I find myself. Sometimes diplomacy comes to my rescue and I manage to get a good deal with the universe. “Curiosity is innocent!”. Sometimes the universe isn’t all that merciful, “Curiosity is vain!”.

After a few years of formal education, there are many things I’ve learnt to tame. Not my curiosity. I may have toned it down, but it shall never be on mute. It may have slowed down sometimes, but it shall never stop.

And so, despite all the evils that were released on earth, I forgive Pandora. Curiosity may sometimes disturb the order of things… but what is order if not a systematization of the chaos around us?

At the end of the day, and at the bottom of the box, there is Hope. And that seems to be just enough.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Fesgao remarked, his dark eyes unreadable.
Aly rolled her eyes. Why did everyone say that to her? “People always forget the rest of the saying,” she complained. “‘And satisfaction brought it back.”
― Tamora Pierce, Trickster’s Choice



P.S. It was actually a Jar.


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