Society’s Sidekicks


I suppose it’s safe to assume that you have watched a sunset in your life. However, have you stopped to contemplate the moon, as it humbly occupies the silent absence of the sun?

No. As for me, at least. Usually, I shut the windows, close the curtains, lie myself to sleep and dream ’till the sun wakes me with the morning light, shining in its more glorious state.

For most of my life, I tried to live like the Sun. I tried to shine bright: everywhere I walked, generously (and sometimes forcibly) distributing my opinions, showcasing (and sometimes exaggerating) my talents. In living, I tried to stimulate some kind of photosynthesis in the people I interacted with, hoping that they would become fruitful human beings, and possibly add some colour to humanity too.

But the sun is not that mighty. It’s hot. It’s always hot. So hot that I find myself running away from it more often than towards it. This sun, shamelessly and ruthlessly penetrating my pores as always. This sun that prolongs the days that are already extremely long. The sun, that is so obsessed with the centre stage, that ends up dominating the skies altogether, forbidding the heavens to cry, causing farmers to weep. So intense is the sun above my head, that when it finally decides to resign, I find myself way too tired to admire the moon that comes to save me.

And I sleep. I dream. Bunking reality and attending my dreams. Not knowing that reality, under the moon, is far more fascinating than a dream. The moon, so welcoming, so warm. Inviting all the world’s wanderers: both those who wander and those who wonder.

Poets, artists, musicians that find inspiration under the moon’s harmonious whispers. Differently from the sun, a listener. Up in the sky and yet following me everywhere I go.

The moon. Keeping the sky alive and bright even though its stars are dead. Illuminating a world that consists of darkness. Setting a time where the bureaucrats’ screams become a simple symphony orchestrated by crickets.

To think that we shut our windows, close our curtains and sleep.

And so I’m learning to live my life like the Moon. Still shining, but allowing humanity to shine too. Still sharing my opinions, but not forcing them, rather, by inviting people to listen to them.

The more I acquaint myself with the Moon, the more I realize how we got it wrong.

We should sleep to the sun and wake up for the moon.

The moon has humbly accepted its role as the sidekick. But who’s the real hero?


2 thoughts on “Society’s Sidekicks

  1. Well you’ve attributed the sun to photosynthesis as a provision of life itself, and although the moon provides so much warmth is it at all sustainable? What is all the moon’s positive factors without the sun to place smiles on the faces of plants and set about activity in us all.

    For times of contemplation and reflection to be of any worth, there ought to be times of activity, for what would there be to listen too if we never get about with sending out some message? (As if during the day we all hastily scream out meaningless rants which are echoed back to us when the moon looks over the stillness)

    I’d say, the two are something like the Avengers, there’s no ultimate hero, they simply accomplices in both crime and redemption.
    The sun, however, may be considered the bolder of the two, it does after all take the position of being of such potential harm as you’ve described.

    Also, perhaps you come down too harshly on the sun by assuming it’s more repressive characteristics to overweight it’s unparalleled fruits, in the same way that a teenager who doesn’t value their mother that will be up at 4am everyday to ensure their lives runs smoothly, but will be more distorted by how the mother “embarrasses”…perhaps that example was rather far-fetched and almost irrelevant, but do I hope you notice how our mother(the sun) is up early everyday to grow our food for us(plants need the sun, as much as they do the rain) and like the considerate being she is, she knows when to step back and leave us too vices(the moon-without the negative connotation of ‘vices’) that we for some awkward reason seem to appreciate more

    1. Hello!

      Wow, thank you so much for your input, it’s greatly appreciated.

      I like the analogy of the sun as the mother we try to run away from, and may sometimes underestimate its detrimental role in our lives.

      And yes, I purposefully highlighted all the possible negative connotations I could come up with when thinking about the sun. I did this so I could raise the moon, perhaps trying to put it in a position where one could begin to appreciate it as we appreciate the greatness of the sun?

      And perhaps there is no one hero that outshines the other. Perhaps both the moon and the sun are equal. After all, we need them both.


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