How loud is your silence?


The first minute of our existence is validated by crying. We are born making noise, and for that minute the noise we make is celebrated as a sign of life.

The noise doesn’t stop at the maternity ward. We realize that we were brought into a noisy world. And as the outside world grows louder, the inside one grows softer.

I find myself surrounded by loud people. I am a loud person myself. And despite my self-proclaimed introversion, which people refuse to accept, I do acknowledge that I can be loud. I have a loud mind and there’s no shame in that. What most people don’t know, however, is that I have a quiet heart.

Hence, I’m very familiar with Silence. Silence is where I go to listen. I listen to my heart, my mind and I create. Silence is my ultimate expression of freedom: where I do not feel the obligation to verbalize my thoughts or feelings; where I can simply be.

Silence is not the absence of sound. I have learnt to access Silence even in the midst of a rock band concert. If I were to illustrate what I mean, I’d say Silence is like a Zebra: it’s the point where you focus on the blackness of it despite its white stripes. It’s the rest between a song’s notes. It’s the musician’s ability to play the silence, rather than playing the keys. It’s the artist’s ability to recognize the space surrounding the outline of a sketch.

It’s the 93% that constitutes non-verbal communication and yet… we measure our lives in words. We judge our fellow human beings by their eloquence. We judge a fellow’s intelligence by how long he can sustain his speech for. We judge a fellow’s sociability based on how talkative one is.

We create and sustain relationships based on what we say and how we sound. We refine our accents and try to use grammar to the best of our ability. We start e-mails with “Dear” and finish with “Kind regards” that lack in kindness but are abundant in indifference.

We spend too much time talking, making noise. When most of our lives are spent in silence.

Quite a somber post, but think about it, if you were to be silent for a day, what sound would your silence make?

“He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.”
― Elbert Hubbard



3 thoughts on “How loud is your silence?

  1. Had difficulty trying to think of a way I could actually reply to this post because it left me speechless (See what I did there?). I eventually came to this conclusion:

    “Silence is golden.”

    I’ve heard this phrase over and over again, but for me, it only made sense when I saw this post. Yes, the actual isolating of yourself from all and any type of noise is vital. But more than that, it is the ability to come together with our thoughts and finding peace in whatever noisy situation we find ourselves in.

    Also, in the words of Lao Tzu; “Silence is a source of great strength.”

    Therefore we have to embrace our own silence and the inevitable silence of others, for in their silence, great strength is present.

    Having read and fully understood this post and the importance of familiarity with silence, I’ll end off by saying that you don’t always have to talk to someone just because you have something to talk about. You can just sit there, let your souls communicate, proceed to write poetry and continue to draw inspired art works.

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