So here we are… Where are we?



We question where we came from, where we’re going, but seldom stop to consider where we are.

It’s not a matter of location, at least I believe that’s not what Harrison meant in “The Extra Man”.

Rather, it makes me think of progress. “Here we are. Where are we?”. How far have we come? How far have I come since yesterday? Since the last hour? Am I progressing?

We seem to have learnt to quantify progress. We measure our lives. We count the seconds and label the months. We get certificates that measure our intelligence. We categorize our achievements. But is all that progress? At the end of the day, where I am now, is it any different from where I was yesterday?

Is today different from when I was 10 years old? Sure. Today I can manage an equation and a different language. But have I made progress? Have I significantly improved my condition?

How is today’s present different from yesterday’s present? We are constantly living in the “now”, and there’s something disturbingly constant about the “now” we seem to be stuck in. Tomorrow is appealing because of its uncertainty, its unpredictability. “Now” is dull and makes me feel helpless.

Yet, the “now” can be as fascinating as the unknown that tomorrow promises. Or perhaps tomorrow doesn’t exist. Perhaps we’re forever stuck in the present and fail to realize it. Perhaps that’s the reason we don’t make any progress. We keep on waiting for tomorrow to come and neglect taking any action in the “now”.

Hm. I feel the old cynic rising up in me. Maybe nothing ever changes. I am probably walking in circles. Worse – not walking at all. I’m standing here watching planet Earth rotate and hoping that I am, somehow, going somewhere too. But maybe I’m not. Maybe, like the moon, I am stuck in space and time, watching the reflections of the Sun dictate my days and nights.

Either the “now” is too short to enjoy, or painfully long to escape.

Either way, here I am. Wherever “here” is.



3 thoughts on “So here we are… Where are we?

  1. Thanks for linking me your blog, it’s been interesting to read! And your ideas are fascinating, oddly I stumbled across this, and you, almost immediately after I’d decided to attempt blogging for myself haha. I often find writing thoughts adds a somewhat different feel to them than when they’re internal. But if I ever do get around to posting I’d love feedback or discussion, debates with two, are often better than debates with one. And I think my thoughts should be shared with more than my notebook on my bedside table. That’s enough rambling. Great blog.

    1. Hello!

      I agree with you. This blog was mainly created with the purpose of sharing my random philosophical outbursts. And after typing them out, I get another more critical look on what I think. And, indeed, debates are meant to involve more than one. That’s how we learn!

      Stay well,

  2. Hi!

    Your blog is really thought-provoking, it inspired me to think about how I am living every day of my life. I think that people are often physically in the ‘now’, but not mentally there yet. They might be mentally stuck in limbo, unable to move on, or too engrossed in the future to even bother with their current issues. And that got me thinking, maybe those who are really living in the ‘now’ are those who are able to merge their past and future mentality together. For example, one might be thinking about the past, but also learning how to move on from it, while trying to plan what they want to achieve in the future. I guess its all down to how much we are willing to focus on the issue at hand, and whether or not we want to face it or not.


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