Collecting Questions


I’ve been accused of possessing a “busy mind”, which is a good thing, especially in the 21st century, where most people’s minds seem to be unoccupied. (Normally I wouldn’t care, but this condition seems to cause some discomfort in me. Perhaps I really do feel some sort of empathy towards the human race)

Having a “busy” mind is not always a blessing. Like anything else in life, it often becomes a curse. When I should be running towards my next lecture, or when I am in the middle of a political essay, my mind wanders off, out of its own volition, and stumbles upon questions such as “what is the purpose of this all?”. Surely we all have our little existential moments. One wouldn’t be human if otherwise. We have learnt to shake these questions off, directing our energy towards things that are “more important”, but what on this earth could be more important than finding the “meaning of life”?

The meaning of life. We’ve been searching for it for quite a while. Where did we lose it? Did we even have it in the first place? Does it exist, somewhere out there, as an absolute? Do we create it? If we create it, then there’s no use in searching for it – we must just invent it.

Questions such as there run through my mind quite often. And, by accident, I forget that people don’t want to talk about these things and I end up voicing them out. By mistake, I actually start debates about matters that seem to me so vital, and yet so trivial to the rest of my fellow human beings.

Reality is, asking is too much effort. Questioning about our purpose and place in the universe is even worse. Too much brain power. The 21st century is greater at providing answers than at creating a platform for questions. Before I even begin to formulate a question, the answer is already available on Google. Science gives us everything we need to know. So if we have everything we need to know, does that mean that questioning has become somehow… futile?

Hm, I don’t know. Too many questions in this post. Maybe this whole thing is just a waste of time. And time is, apparently, money. Great! Now I’m wasting both time and money. (which I don’t have – so now I’m in debt!)

P.S. A very profound comic about “collecting questions” vs. “collecting answers” []

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