The Perfect Vagina

Walking into my Anthropology tutorial, I was confronted with images of a male surgeon cutting off “excess” skin on some woman’s vagina.

We watched further and to my understanding, the woman in case developed a complex about her “ugly” vagina after hearing her sister’s remarks on how “weird”  it was.

So she went for vaginal cosmetic surgery!

After the shock, people started talking and different views arose on the situation.

The usual “it’s weird , “it’s not morally accepted by society”, “why must she undergo surgery on her vagina? Who does she want to please?”, and, of course, the inevitable one: “it’s men’s fault!”

The typical feminist view finally arose. I am not a fan of feminism myself, but there is no way in denying that there is a lot of pressure on woman coming from the opposite sex. The woman in case felt uncomfortable during sexual intercourse, as she felt inadequate due to her partner’s reaction. When asked about it, her partner told her she should indeed go for the surgery. And so she went.

Yes, perhaps men are indeed to blame. But this woman’s self esteem is not the greatest I’ve seen either.

It’s normal to see breast or botox implant nowadays, but vaginal cosmetic surgery? Who would think of such? And by what standards would one arrive at the conclusion that this particular vagina is “weird” and “ugly”? I have never stopped to think of how a beautiful, perfect vagina would be like.

Did this “beautiful vagina” notion come from pornographic movies, maybe? Perhaps. Perhaps porn and reality do not necessarily match.

While all the women in class were ranting and raving about such an atrocious act, a shy guy raised a good point: What about circumcision?

Boys, guys and men all undergo this surgery (depending on how it’s done) so as to remove the “excess” skin. Some arguments were that circumcision is a matter of health and hygiene, whereas this vaginal surgery serves cosmetic purposes.

Also, circumcision has been around for a while. It brings with it all sort of traditional and religious connotations.

But now I’m stuck. Does this mean circumcision is ok, while vaginal surgery is not?

Whatever the answer, all I have to say for myself is that this world fascinates me.

A world in which we can buy semen and customise our future children inside a laboratory, a world in which the gender we are born with can be altered, a world where we can re-shape our genitals… brave new world indeed!

P.S. “The Perfect Vagina” is a documentary that explores this kind of surgeries. Check it out.


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Vagina

  1. The whole world knows that circumcision is not ok. Only Americans do it thoughtlessly. Jews do it because of their religion due to old tradition. In their culture in the past it was done for hygienic reasons but nowadays it is no longer relevant.

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