Art these days

Campbell’s Soup I (1968) – Andy Warhol

I don’t seem to get the joke. Or even better, who the joke is on.

This week was quite interesting. I had the chance to interact with many well established artists and managed to engage in brief debates on the nature of Art, etc. Same old.

In between getting generous tips from all of them, the recurring theme was money and how to sell.

It was to my surprise that Art has a very strong foundation in the basics of Economics. The truth is that some artists nowadays strive for that market equilibrium, where sellers are happy to produce and buyers are happy to buy.

Or, shall we say, acquire – it’s a fancier word.

Perceiving Art as a money-making scheme wasn’t as shocking as I would want it to be. These days almost anything sells under the tag “Art”, as it seems to be the one thing you can get away with it.

However, is it a good thing? Or it is that bad of a thing?

Some people make a living out of it, does that justify the use of Art for monetary reasons?

And all this strong association of Art and money, does it not demean Art’s value? That is, if Art had any set value to begin with.

As a starting “artist”, trying to get my drawings up on galleries, these are questions I need to ask myself constantly.

Do galleries exist to satisfy the need of the artist to share, enabling what Tolstoy describes as the “experience” that brings people together, both artist and viewers? Or is that, too, highly normative and naive?

Whatever answers may exist for these questions, I, as a lover of humanity who still tries to see some hope in this hopeless world, will strive to remain genuine and honest with myself.

Still, facts are facts, so sex must watch the space, because Art is on its way up and about to reach that peak of the graph (if it hasn’t already).



2 thoughts on “Art these days

  1. ‘as a lover of humanity who still tries to see some hope in this hopeless world, will strive to remain genuine and honest with myself.’

    As a sister and lover of humanity, I too strive to hold hope for our world. Keep shining your light and trust that your willingness to be authentic, will do wondrous things for humanity. Thanks for the reminder that there are many of us prepared to stand for what we believe can be a great new world.

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